Feeling the call from God to plant a Church in Emmett, Pastor Mike and his wife Shannon decided to drive out to Emmett and pray to see what God would want them to do. While driving around they came across the Brick School, and seeing that it was abandoned, prayed that God would give it to them for a Church building. After this, Mike went to Pastor Bob Caldwell and told him that they were feeling called to plant a Church in Emmett and seeking advice on where to start. Bob said, “Well, go out and start a Bible study. If God is in it, it will grow into a Church. If not I will see you back here.”  In April of 2001 Mike and Shannon started a Bible study in Emmett with 15 people and by September there were 40 adults.  We opened the doors of Calvary Chapel of Emmett in October of 2001.

In March of 2002, the people who owned the Brick School called us and asked if we were interested in looking at it. By miraculous circumstances we ended up buying the 3 acres of land and the school building for $45,000.00. God proved His faithfulness and provision and continues to as we move forward.

As the Church grew we were compelled to hold 2 Sunday morning services. Even after multiple services we decided that we would need more space. In 2007, in Calvary Chapel fashion, we erected a 2400 sq ft tent to accommodate the growth.

In 2010 we built a building on the site that became our full time sanctuary. In January of 2014 we added a Saturday night service too as the Church continues to grow.

Every Easter, Calvary Chapel Emmett holds a service at Emmett Junior High School that draws over 500 people.

Every Easter, Calvary Chapel Emmett holds a service at Emmett Junior High School that draws over 500 people.


In the Spring of 2013 God opened a new door for us.  Pastor Jason Hill of the Emmett Valley Christian School decided to bring the school and staff under the umbrella of Calvary Chapel of Emmett. The Church family welcomed the idea and that gave birth to Calvary Christian Academy, our K-12 private Christian school. The School grew from 56 Students to over 80 as we opened in the Spring of 2013. It has been a wonderful transition, seeing God answer prayer, guiding us and meeting us every step of the way. Many people came to give time and resources to prepare for the school and improve the Church building and property. We know that God has big plans for us moving forward and we are excited to see what He will do.

Looking to the future, we know that God is faithful and that where He guides us, He will provide for us. We are excited to see what He will do as we continue to grow. We know that He has the space we will need and He will provide when the time is right.