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We are excited about your interest in CCA and hope this page will give you a glimpse in to our ministry.  

At CCA, we want to partner with families to change the world!  We believe that education is a tool that the Lord uses to affect generations of Christians for His kingdom.  This ministry is devoted to partnering with families to produce graduates who will make a positive impact for Jesus and His kingdom in their homes, churches, communities, and beyond!  

Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of this ministry -- whether through enrolling your student, providing prayer support, or providing financial support -- we are committed to being faithful stewards of your trust! 

Below are some of the distinctives we hold to as a ministry of education:

We are Unabashedly Christian:

Students at CCA are immersed in a Christian worldview daily.  We believe and teach that Christianity is not only a belief system worthy of basing life’s choices on, but the only philosophy that adequately answers the questions found in this life.  

We teach:

  • Our origin in creation as its caretakers

  • The hurt and damage caused by sin

  • The healing found in Christ alone

  • That Christians should lead others to a healed life

  • That Christians should lead others in making the world a better place

  • The role of the family as revealed in Scripture

  • Ways to live a Christian lifestyle in a non-Christian world

  • The Christian’s responsibility to love others as we have been loved

At CCA we believe Christians are commanded to change the world for Christ.  We teach our students real-life, non-confrontational methods to make the world a better place for all people.

We are Family Oriented: 

One of the hallmark beliefs of Calvary Christian Academy is that our role is to assist families in the education of their children.  We do not believe it is right for schools to replace the family or the role of parents in their child's education.  We believe a child's education is the parent's responsibility and we at CCA take our role in assisting you with your child’s education very seriously and make every effort to be worthy of this sacred trust.

 We Believe in Providing a Safe Environment: 

Calvary Christian Academy is devoted to providing a safe environment for our students and staff. Our expectation is that our students and staff members will contribute to a healthy school environment at all levels—physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Family-Oriented Learning

CCA is committed to a low student-to-teacher ratio.  Our ideal ratio is twelve students to one teacher.  While this ratio is not always possible, we believe this ratio fosters the best atmosphere for learning. We also believe that our approach provides an educational network that emulates the learning atmosphere of a family.  Our devotion to partnering with families, a safe environment, and to God's kingdom results in a learning environment that prevents students from "falling through the cracks."

Quality, Private Education at Realistic Rates

At CCA we know that Christian education is a sacrifice.  We provide a proven and always improving educational system while making every effort to keep our education costs low -- ask for our current, affordable tuition rates.  


The ultimate goal of all teaching is to produce independent learners.
— Jason Hill, school pastor, CCA


CCA believes that athletics is an important part of school life and life in general. 

The CCA football program stresses learning how to work together to achieve a common goal, in this case, scoring touchdowns.  We then take that learning and apply it to their future lives in the church.  

CCA is a member school of the Christian School Athletic Association (CSAA).  

The CSAA has member schools in Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Payette, Ontario, and Marsing.

The CSAA offers volleyball, flag football, and boys and girls basketball.  NOTE: at this time, CCA does not offer basketball due to no coach.   

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Interested in enrolling your child? Inquire today! 

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Lyle Thompson, Dean of Students

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Jason Hill, School Pastor

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