#1                                                                                        GOD OUR PROVIDER

                In the English language we have one word for God and that is God.  But if we learn His names in the Hebrew language we get a whole different picture of who He is.  God has many different names in the Hebrew and each one describes His character.  We miss all of this in our English translations.  So today I would like to discuss one name, Jehovah Jireh, God will provide, God will see to it.  In this name we learn that the God of the Universe, the highest heavens, the Mighty Creator, is also our provider.

Read Genesis 22:1-14

                What Abraham discovered and what we need to discover, is that God will provide for every need and that He already knows what those needs are because He saw them beforehand.  In other words, God is not surprised by your need because He sees everything in our lives. However God goes to the greatest need that we have and provides for that first.  Do you know what that would be?  There is a clue in the story you just read.  What God did provide to Abraham and Isaac was the sacrifice that was necessary.  And so to for us God provides the sacrifice to meet our greatest need which is the forgiveness of sins.  Without this we do not have life.  Oh you might say, “But I am alive right now.”  This life we are living is only temporary, it is not eternal.  God has provided the sacrifice for the forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ, His Son.  In doing this God has demonstrated that He is not only just but also the justifier.  It would violate God’s nature to allow sinful man into His eternity therefore He provides the sacrifice and thereby also became the justifier.                                  Read Romans 3:23-26 

                Now before you go out and think that God will provide for all your wants and desires, let’s take a look at what our holy and righteous God said He would provide.  Write out what you find is the bountiful provision God the Father has made for you and me.

Matthew 6:25-34 ________________________________________________________________________________

Philippians 4:19 _________________________________________________________________________________

Psalm 37:4 _________________________________________________________________________

Psalm 37:25 ______________________________________________________________________________________

Romans 8:37 _____________________________________________________________________________________

 Ephesians 1:3 ____________________________________________________________________________________

The name Jehovah-Jireh is a name that is crucial for us today as we seek to know the Father. It is a name that assures us that our Heavenly Father is able to provide for the needs we have. Trust Him for that!