N218 UPDATE 08/01/2019

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It has been a year ago now since we closed on the property at 921 E 4th Street. At the time of sale, the land cost three hundred thousand dollars. The seller graciously donated fifty thousand back to us, and we were able to put fifty thousand down on the property making our loan two hundred thousand dollars.

Last month I signed a check for one-hundred thousand dollars to effectively pay our loan down to one third of the original price! That is the largest check I have ever signed in my life! I had Melissa call both banks just to make sure that we could do such a thing! I imagined them asking her to bring it in with a lawyer and an armored car or something. They said, “It is fine to just mail the check. It will be fine.” Our loan amount is now right at ninety-six thousand.

With the amount we still have in our building fund account, as of July, we only need another twenty-nine thousand to pay off the entire loan! In February at our N218 service we announced that we would like to pay off the land by September of 2019. It is very likely that we will hit that goal. Praise God!

In a way, it is essential that we do.  That way we can show the bank that we have enough funds coming in on a monthly basis to service any future loans. If we can pay our last payment by October 1st we will start to seek financing for the construction and, Lord willing, we will break ground in the Spring!!

I don’t know about you, but, to me, this all seems like a lot of money!  As I mentioned before, it is way beyond me to even wrap my head around this project, let alone imagine how the Lord will bring it to completion.  However, one secret I might let you in on is that we have a group of Benefactors that will underwrite this whole project. They have given us a checkbook and freedom to write checks for any need. This Group is known as the Trinity Group, or the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  As the Word tells us, “Unless the Lord builds a house, they labor in vain who build  it.” I am  blown away to see what the Lord has done so far. As big as this project seems to be, I have no doubt He will bring it to completion.

Please pray for the rest of the finances to come in so we can pay off the loan by the end on September. Pray for continued provision as we move forward with construction. Pray that God will provide the right person to spearhead the project. Pray for wisdom as we make decisions on all of the different aspects of the project.

Blessings, Pastor Mike


N218 UPDATE 2/24/2019

N218 Update 1/31/2019

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Proposed look of the new facility

Proposed look of the new facility

N218 Update 1/3/2019

On December 3rd we got approved for our special use permit! The Lord definitely paved the way and gave us tremendous favor from the community, the commission, and the City of Emmett. It was great to see all of you there to show your support!

What’s next?

Sometime in January, we will be given the concept drawings of our new facility. Once we have these we will have a special weekend service and a separate meeting to present the plans and talk about the future. At this meeting, we will discuss cost projections and the next steps of the process.

After the meetings, we will enter the feasibility stage. It is our hope and prayer that we will have a good understanding of where we are financially and logistically if we are ready to start this project. Jesus said, “For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it.” (Luke 14:28) and Solomon reminds us, “Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it.” (Psalms 127:1)

We must find a balance between these things. Obviously, we want this project to be the Lord’s work, but we know that He often uses people to accomplish His work. At the end of the day we know that where God guides, God provides. Watch your bulletin, newsletter, and email for details on this upcoming meeting.

N218 Update 9/12/2018

Today I received an updated plan that seems like it will work for us! I have submitted it to the Building Advisory Committee and await their feedback. We will be having a meeting within the next few weeks to finalize the plans. We also will be having an elder’s meeting to discuss next steps. Continue to pray for the Lord to direct us as we move forward as a ministry! Here are the new updated plans.

N218 Update 9/6/2018

At our elder's retreat I told the elders that I needed some help with the daunting task of laying out 10 acres and a 40k square foot facility. We decided to put together a building advisory committee. I have since assembled this committee. They, along with staff from the Church, School, and Daycare, have given some great suggestions and we submitted them today to the Design Team!

Here are the suggested changes I sent to the Design Team.

It seems that we are headed in the right direction. There are some minor things that I would like to address. 


1. The East and West Hallways are still labeled North and South. 

2. I am not sure why the daycare didn't get moved to the East side of the building. However, I think it will work as it is if we move the playground to the South side behind the building immediately South of the future double gym. This will probably work even better as it will give us more room for the kids to play (We potentially could have up to 300 kids.) Currently, School and Daycare only have 160ish kids, but whatever our numbers, it will be easier access to the football field. It was also suggested this would be better for our neighbors to the East, as having a playground up against their backyards would be very noisy. 

3. One of my elders, who is a firefighter, suggested that we put in fire escapes on the upper level. Perhaps we could shrink the storage area and put a 4' hallway to an egress on the southwest side. 

4 Also for egress, we would like exit doors on the outside of each of the daycare and classrooms on the lower level.

5. The offices at the front of the building are directly under the upstairs bathrooms. Will that be a problem with flushing noise? 

6. On the plot layout, it seems that we don't have much outdoor space in front of the building. Places for benches, tables, chairs, flower beds, and planters. 

7. I don't mind if the vestibule is rectangular but I would like to put a rounded facade feature on the front like the one on the church pictured on http://southwinds.org/ I like the walkways, planters and shade features they have. 

8. It seems to me that the amount of parking in the plan is more than we need. Are we going to be required to put in that much parking for a gym/sanctuary (multipurpose room?) I was told by the city building official that we could use overflow parking since it is a multi-purpose room. To start out we will put out 300 chairs and have probably 250ish adults in the sanctuary. I wouldn't think we would need a parking spot for every adult, do we? If we have a bigger crowd for something they could use the graveled overflow parking. Right?   

9. Backstage: I made some changes to backstage and the locker rooms I didn't put in measurements but I expanded the green room (this is a backstage room for the worship team, guest speakers, and others. It needs room for tables and chairs, couches, a refrigerator, and a countertop for a coffee bar, microwave, and an area for refreshments. I also included a bathroom as we have one in our current green room. Ideally, a green room has access to the backstage area so you can go on stage from there.  I also included a wheelchair ramp for the stage and ample stage storage. 

10. I am guessing our stage will be about 3' high. Will we have enough clearance with a walkway above it on the second floor? Will we have enough headroom and will it look OK?

11. We will probably need steps on the front of the stage (We were thinking these could double as bleachers.)  

12. We would like to add another double door for security on the North side of the East Hallway between the Stage Storage room and the Fireside Conference room. This will act to block off the school area from the enterances. 

13. Can we also add an open indoor stairway in the East Hallway on the south side of the building? It would have to go where the upstairs storage room is. 

14. We will need to re-work all the restroom entrances.  Everyone standing outside any restroom can visually see into it when a door opens.  We should make a method for modesty by blocking "line of sight" from outside the restroom to inside the restroom. 

15. Where is the riser room for the sprinkler system? I am pretty sure it has to be accessible from the outside. 


Not all of the changes are noted on the schematics. TO SEE THEM CLICK: MAIN FLOOR, BACK STAGE, UPSTAIRS, LAND

N218 UPDATE 8/16/2018

This is the latest update from the design team. It may need a few tweaks but we should be ready to submit it to the city for approval. Pray that we find favor with the city as we submit our plans. CLICK HERE for a high resolution PDF. There are also some building modifications that are on the PDF version. 

Plot Layout 1st draft.jpg

N218 Update 7/28/2018 Latest Update

I have been in contact with the design team and they sent over an amended plan. I have requested more changes. If you want to see the PDF version of these CLICK HERE

1st Floor.jpg
2nd Floor.jpg

N218 Update 7/3/2018 This is a possible configuration of the land layout. 

First Draft Plot layout.jpg

N218 Update 7/2/18 First Draft Floor Plans

This weekend I announced that we had received our first draft floor plans from the design team. These plans are a very rough draft. Many changes will be made in order to accommodate all of the needs. We have submitted suggested updates and should be getting a revised floor plan soon. 

This week we will be working on plot development plans and submitting them to the city. I will post them when they are done.  Here is a link to the PDF version of these plans. CLICK HERE

Ground Floor Plan first draft

Ground Floor Plan first draft

Second Floor Plan first draft

Second Floor Plan first draft

Making progress on 4th Street

“And I told them of the hand of my God which had been good upon me, and also of the king’s words that he had spoken to me. So they said, “Let us rise up and build.” Then they set their hands to this good work.”
— Nehemiah 2:18

June 18th 2018

How is the land coming? When are we going to break ground? How soon will we have a new building?” These are the questions people have been asking since the announcement about the 4th street property at Easter service. Frustratingly, I didn’t have the       answers to any of these questions!


To add to that, I was growing increasingly nervous.  The property’s closing time approached, and, some days, it looked as if the deal was going to fall through. I asked the Lord, “Are we even going to close on the first step of this project?”

During the month of May, I felt compelled to go out of my way to drive to the     property and pray. I took my family, I took each of my kids, and, at times, I went alone.  We would pray, “LORD, would you work this out?” “Are you going to allow us to do ministry here in the heart of        Emmett?”  I know many of you have been praying similarly, thank you! 


On June 1st, with all seemingly against us, we finally closed, and the property officially became ours! The seller donated fifty thousand   dollars and we were able to put down another fifty thousand, along with the closing costs. Because of the Lord’s provision, and your      response to God’s call for generosity, we have  already paid off 1/3rd of the sale price! I have no doubt God will provide all that will be needed, as it is needed, for the project.

“What now?” Is the question many of you will be asking.  Here is where we are: I have submitted our plans to the design team. They will work on our building plans and the landscape engineering. When they are done with the plot layout, we can submit it to the city for approval. Not long after that, we have some mock-up drawings of the building on the new     property. At that point, we will give a presentation to the Church and School to determine if we are ready to move to the building phase of the project.

At the end of the day, this is the Lord’s project. We must continue to look to Him and His guidance to move forward. I am grateful for all of you who have been seeking the Lord in all of this. Please continue to pray and let’s see what God can do!